Thursday, July 30, 2020

07/20 Note from the Palazzo # 4 - Venice

I was up early this morning so I turned on the computer to a YouTube video by Andrew Graham Dixon on the origins of Venice and Venetian Palazzos. When I started making reference  to my large flat in Montreal I was obviously making a reference to Venice. But it had more to do with my sense of living well in a large space and feeling like a wealthy man whether this was true or not. My flat has a rather bohemian feeling to it which many Palazzos have retained or possibly gained over the centuries.  I don't have have canals but my windows, and I have window on all four sides, overlook a neighbourhood of Montreal with narrow streets and many back alleys. Those are my canals. But my dining area has a large window and is decorate in mostly orientalist tones and it's where I started thinking of my space as my Palazzo. But to get back to Graham Dixon he explained how the lagoon of Venice had become a hiding place for refugees from Rome and the Northern tribes who sacked it. I'll be politically correct and point out that those so called Barbarians, Celts mostly, had seen their own lands plundered by Rome for centuries. Yeah right, Rome was bringing the civilized world to the savages. Manifest destiny. Anyway the Palazzos of Venice were refuges too. The canals protected them from having to build thick defensive walls, were built with a sense of aesthetics rather than with defensive concerns. My Palazzo, my large flat in Montreal, is where I have evolved, and continue to evolve my sense of living aesthetically but also my refuge from what I perceive to be the growing impossibility of living anywhere else smaller than Montreal.