Thursday, May 21, 2020

05/20 Making Photographs (part three -artistic photography)

The third type of photographer, the artistic photographer, functions outside the strict bounds of commercial photography or art. It is a wide playing field where rules are sometimes very subjective. But it is subjective work where the photographer is not constrained by an expected result but instead relies on a canon or history of the genre of photography he or she is making. The most familiar genre might be “street” photography with a history that begins the moment photographers began to leave their studios in the 19th century much as painters did. But this type of photography is not limited to street photography. It can include any genre where the expected outcome is to produce photographs of high technical or formal quality while addressing issues both aesthetic and technical related to the canon of photography. The portraits I make of sitters where I have asked them to sit to me so that I may explore photographic portraiture is an example of this. I am not, in this case, trying to make art, or making a commercial product. I am referring to the history of photography. My references can include art references, fashion references or references outside art and photography altogether. I am a an artistic photographer, not a commercial photographer, not an art photographer. Many of these photographers often work commercially, or teach,  as well as pursuing a career making subjective personal work.

Phylactère as the Countess of Castiglioni