Monday, May 18, 2020

05/20 Isolation self-portrait as a Chuck Close Painting

Self-portraits. Even with an IPhone, it's as close as I can come to thinking I'm actually making art. In making self portraits I can include all my thinking, all my references, and all my skills to create pieces that also force me to bare myself and my thoughts to the world. It stakes a territory in what matters to me as art. It extends to other portraits I make, and there again, I seem to be evolving my portraits from being objective products of what the sitter wants to my just not caring about that and doing what I want. "Pour le reste", I seem to be making what I call literary photo essays, making pictures just to have something to write about. The reflections appear to me as simply the way an artist makes street photography. Lost in your thoughts you look for the abstract rather than the literal, and sketch instinctually.