Monday, May 18, 2020

03/20 Corona Reflection

I undertook this blog project mostly as an aid to remind me of what happened when. A kind of resumé. I could have made a notebook. I could just print out this entire blog. But it allows me to hand out a business card with a link to something. It has become an expectation, so this functions as a kind of art resume. For the people in the art community, it gives them an idea of who I am and what I can do, since some of the work I seek is writing for other artists. That work is a piece of a much larger pie that makes up my income, what I call my pie chart strategy, from advertising gigs, to writing art pieces, to making headshots.

IPhone photo, March 2020, Montreal. 
But I've come to a kind of pause in my photographic work. I'm mostly writing these days. I haven't done a window reflection since last spring, almost a year now. The use of Iphone is a large part of that. With social media platforms, there doesn't seem to be any discernment about what we put out there. And with Instagram it feels like I'm just being social as opposed to making art. It's fun to be sure but I'm not certain how it fits into a serious artistic practice. So I'm in kind of an impasse with social media. How do you distinguish yourself from the millions of other non-professionals who use this platform. Art is not a democracy as John Updike once said. But I don't want to be cranky either.

I make a lot of images with my phone. It's an instinctual thing. I've always argued that the camera is the modern equivalent of the stick the cavewoman used to make those beautiful animals on the walls of her house. The phone is the natural evolution of that process. It's as anthropological as it is about art. Maybe art is democratic after all. This virus is certainly taking a good whack at the issue.
In the meantime I continue to write about art. I have some good projects on my table. In some ways this pause is allowing me time for inventory, time for new strategies. I've been busier than I have ever been. See you soon. -RB