Sunday, September 15, 2019

Nova Scotia Reflections 2007 -2014

In 2006 we moved as a family to Halifax from Fredericton, where I had been working at the NewBrunswick Arts Board. It coincided with my transition from film photography to digital technology. Up to then I had worked with both colour and black white film photography. The aesthetics of photography were still invested in the values associated with making a print. A photograph is not a photograph until it is printed and that kind of thing. I didn't necessarily disagree but I'm the kind of person who can read the writing on the wall. Beginning in 2007 I began to acquire point and shoot digital cameras as I learned the ins and outs of the new technology. If print was no longer king where did you go from there? I was walking around Halifax quite a bit and started making images of window reflections. It started with some selfies I made of Anne and me. It opened up the possibility of making images that were more about the aesthetics of the content. The window reflections contained a fleeting moment, a content that did not seem repeatable because of the changing light. Never mind Cartier-Bresson. It was more like holding Picassso by the hand. It was a space only photography could thrive in. I had found a balance between the technology and my desire to make photographs than could only exist as art. I soon started shooting only digital images. In 2008 I joined ViewPoint Gallery, a photographer's cooperative in Halifax and had my first show of "Nova Scotia Reflections" in 2009.


 All images copyright Robert Barriault 2020